Redefining Relationships

Craig Groeschel posted the following little snippet on his blog. I have faced this in my ministry experience, but it still isn’t easy. As a matter of fact I can see this getting ready to happen at South Harriman. Everyone wants growth (well, most everyone) but just like it was when you were a kid – Growth = Growing Pains.

– Brad

As God expands your ministry, you may need to redefine some relationships.

For example, our family functions differently with six kids than a family with two. As our family has grown, we’ve had to redefine how we spend our time, how we relate, what we do and don’t do.

The same is true in ministries.

If your youth ministry grows from 4 kids to 70, you may have to redefine your relationships with the first 4.

If you lead a mission trip with 12 people one year and next year you take 110, your interaction will likely differ.

If your church grows from 40 to 400, you’ll need to make some changes.

These changes can be difficult for some people to understand. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You will always love them. But your relational rhythms will have to change.

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