Full Disclosure

In my last post I made some observations about LifeWay Resources publishing a new hymnal. OK, I kinda sorta made fun of it a little bit.

Well, I was honored to have the director of the LifeWay Worship Project, Patrick Watts, stop by BradRaby.com and respond. He was was a good sport, and also described the broader context of the work. Here’s what he had to say:

“Brad, stop by http://lifeway.com/worshipproject and see what we have for the projecting church. Back in 1991, the hymnal was the “lead horse” for congregational worship. Nowadays, we know that churches need all kinds of resources, not just a hymnal. That’s why we’re calling this the LifeWay Worship Project instead of the “LifeWay Hymnal Project” or even just “Baptist Hymnal.” Subtle, but deliberate.Oh, and be sure to stop by your local LifeWay store for our big sale on buggy whips too…”

Thanks Patrick.

Worship Leaders be sure to checkout the site mentioned above. Great Resource.

– Brad

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