Love the Homosexual, Hate OUR Sin

“Christians often say “love the sinner, hate the sin” when expressing their stance on homosexuality. But the new leader of the Southern Baptist Convention wants to offer something different…’Why don’t we love the homosexual and hate OUR sin?’ said Georgia pastor Johnny M. Hunt as he cited Jay Strack, founder of Student Leadership University.”

When the public views Southern Baptists and how they deal with the issue of homosexuality, Hunt hopes people will see how they love the homosexual.

I found this ARTICLE from the Christian Post interesting. The above is an excerpt. My belief system is rooted in the scripture – so naturally I find homosexuality to be sin – but have felt for some time that conservative Christians have ‘hated the sin’ very hypocritically.

I concur with the approach Hunt has taken here…what say you?

– Brad

ht: Todd Rhodes

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