My 5 favorite vacations

Vacation is on the minds of many people this summer for a couple of reasons. 1) That is what you do in the summer – you get away for a week or more to rest. 2) People are thinking about it because they are wandering if the have enough money to pay for the gas – to get where they are wanting to go.

Vacation is important. Especially for you Mr. Busy dad who won’t take a break for you or your family. (You say you ‘can’t’, but it really is a matter of ‘won’t’.) We all need time away from the stress of work, cleaning the house, ballgames, endless re-runs of Law and Order etc.

Vacation is important for families because of the memories it leaves with children. Many of my fondest memories occurred on family vacations. (Hint: there were 5 of us kids, so none of the vacations were elaborate – most were camping trips, but they were special)

So here’s my top 5 that I remember well.

Honorable mention (Myrtle Beach Condo and Trip to Colorado where we played Super Nintendo for ours on the way)

5. Camping at Stone Mountain Ga, an going to Atlanta Braves games.
My good friend Craig Price was on that Vacation with us. I distinctly remember trying to convince him that John Smoltz was a good pitcher. Thanks for not letting me down John.

4. Kings Island and a Reds game in Cincinnati.
My favorite team was the Reds and I love roller coasters

3. Cumberland Mountain State Park camping trip with my Grandpa Archie.
We went here a dozen times at least. It was the best when my Pa Arch was there because he let us play with our knives more than my dad!

2. The Smokey Mountains: Cades Cove, Abram’s Falls
I had to rescue my brother Jess from the top of a water fall in the winter, and nearly got hypothermia on the way back down the trail. Seriously.

1. Going to California in the RV.
Going through Death Valley was awesome. It is a VERY dangerous road. All I remember was my mom on her face in the back of the camper praying we wouldn’t go off the cliff and plummet to our death. All the while I had my head out the window yelling, “Go faster Dad, Go Faster”

What was your favorite vacation? Leave us a comment and give us some ideas.

– Brad

3 thoughts on “My 5 favorite vacations

  1. That was a fun trip. That was the week I stopped liking Dave Justice as well. Come on Dave, 10 more people. You walked away like you had a baseball game to play or something.

  2. Im thinking when u and jess got your mouths washed out with soap and not me camping at Cumberland Mountain State Park was my favorite. I was so good, i was the cause of the problems and u two my victims.

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