Some Random Musings

OK, here are a few things going on right now…

1.) Check out the post to the right and vote. I’m curious too my reader’s listening habits.

2.) I’ve finished Next Generation Leader (See post below). I found these quotes on courage and how it relates to leadership to be especially quotable:

“Accepting the status quo is the equivalent of accepting a death sentence.”

“Leaders challenge what is for the sake of what could and should be.”

“Leaders are not always the first to see an opportunity. They are simply the first to seize an opportunity.”

“The church is making far more dinners than disciples”

“A Leader is someone who has the courage to say publicly what everybody else is whispering privately.”

3.) I have a softball game tomorrow night at 9 pm…that’s a bit late for me, I’m hoping for rain.

4.) The presidential primaries are WAY TOO LONG.

5.) My next post will probably be on the “Most mis-used Bible verses” I hear in sermons.

– Brad

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