Churches and Pastors on my radar…

People often have asked me, as it relates to church ministry: “Where did you learn that?”, or “Where did you get that idea?”

Occasionally I have been creative and come to it myself, but most of the time I am inspired by a host of what I describe as, ‘Very Effective Churches and Church Leaders.’

So, for those who ask, here is a short list of Very Effective Churches/ministries and Church Leaders who are on my radar:

NewSpring Church – Senior Pastor, Perry Noble
Willow Creek Community Church – Senior Pastor, Bill Hybels
Saddleback Community Church – Senior Pastor, Rick Warren
North Point Community Church – Senior Pastor, Andy Stanley
Mars Hill Church – Senior Pastor, Mark Driscoll
Mars Hill Bible Church – Senior Pastor, Rob Bell – Senior Pastor, Craig Groeschel
268 Generation/722 – Leader, Louie Giglio and Jarrett Stevens
Granger Community Church – Senior Pastor, Mark Beeson
Fellowship Church – Senior Pastor, Ed Young Jr.
Seacoast Church – Senior Pastor, Greg Surratt

OK, so who do you learn from? Leave me a comment and let me and other readers know.

If you’re in ministry and you are not watching and learning from Very Effective Leaders – start doing so, or…well you should find something besides ministry to do.


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