A few things I think I think…

American Idol producers are wussies. They had the Top 8 sing Shout to the Lord, the modern day Amazing Grace, to close out the ‘Idol Gives Back’ charity show. However, they changed the first line of the song from “My Jesus, My Savior” to “My Shepherd, My Savior.”

First, to avoid the name of Jesus in an attempt to be politically or religiously sensitive is simply idiotic. Jesus isn’t some mythical figure created as an icon of worship by men – regardless of what your religious views are. He is a real historical figure people of the world!

Second, using Shepherd doesn’t change the meaning of the song – it is still about JESUS, not Allah, Buddha, or any other religious figure!

Third, the I-tunes cut available for download uses the original lyric to the song. So people buy the name of Jesus, they just don’t have to hear it on the network broadcast?
I’m glad the cheerleaders who beat their fellow squad member will be tries as adults. Such premeditated violence (They set up lighting for a better camera picture) is disgusting and shocking. They could use 3-5 years to think about what they’ve done – then maybe they will show some remorse.
It is slightly, just SLIGHTLY to0 early to begin talking about Tiger Woods winning the Grand Slam this year. Good grief, he needs to have at least won the Master’s and the U.S. Open for that discussion to begin!
The protests against the Chinese Government should come as no surprise. You give the Olympic bid to a communist country that controls it’s people and it’s media and you get chaos. Dear Olympic Committee, any well-minded person could see this coming.

– Brad

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