Important things that get overooked

In Oliver Springs, TN, where I am currently residing – we have a traffic light that has been missing the green bulb for the better part of 3 MONTHS. The light is at the second busiest intersection in town.(There are not very many busy intersections to be honest,but…) It most certainly could cause a serious accident if you are not paying attention. Yet, month after month goes by and the bulb is never replaced.
Everyday I drive past the broken light and wonder to myself, “How many months will go by before it gets fixed?”…”Will it be fixed as a result of an accident, or before an accident?”
Truth is, many of the important things in life get overlooked. I believe one of the primary reasons this happens is simply because the consequences are not immediate.
Months have gone by and to my knowledge no accidents have occurred as a result of the faulty traffic light, so why fix it?
It is very easy to become numb to potential consequences. We often time will only address the problems in our lives that cause immediate pain. As long as no accidents occur, the issue doesn’t affect our conscious or priorities.
The great danger with this mindset is that the pain of a potential consequence come to fruition hurts much more deeply because we KNOW we could have done something about it, but chose not to.
So how are things in your Marriage?
How is your spiritual walk?
Spoke with anyone about Jesus lately?
Don’t let the important things get overlooked. Eventually a faulty traffic light causes a nasty crash – where lives are changed forever!
– Brad

2 thoughts on “Important things that get overooked

  1. Such a simple point that explains so much. The bulb has been out forever because it is government that has no incentive to move quickly due to no competition. Your idea on potential pain eplains a lot too. Free trade in many cases causes jobs to move oversees in the immediate future. But restricting such trade causes prices to rise and thus always causes more jobs to be lost in the future. Only they are lost indirectly so that most people do not see the connection. Truly an important concept. I’m sorry I can’t ever let the politics and economics of everthing go. I’m sorry… lol

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