Duke vs. Carolina, Steve Fee, The Weather etc…

Well, I’m due a ‘musings’ post, so here goes:

Duke/Carolina. Last night my Duke Blue Devils blew a late comeback to their arch rival North Carolina Tar Hills. I was disappointed that we lost at home, but the game will be a distant memory by next week. HOWEVER, I will remember one thing form the game – That “TV” Teddy Valentine officiated it. I have never seen a more obnoxious, self loving referee in my life. His nickname is appropriate, because only he blows his whistle during a dead ball situation to break up a fictional tussle between Tyler Hansbrough(UNC) and Gerald Henderson(Duke) just to get some TV exposure. Only he tells Dick Vitale to send out a hello to his brother. His gestures are more dramatic than a dancer in cirque du soleil. Teddy, officials should attempt to be anonymous…PLEASE.

Steve Fee. At DNOW (A weekend Youth Discipleship event) our guest band was Fee. I have known of these guys and loved their music for a long time. I first saw them on the web leading worship at 722 in Atlanta. He might be the most energizing worship leader I have ever heard. I recommend you get his CD, or download their tunes. I especially love It’s All Because of Jesus which you can view below.

The Weather. The weather here in Tennessee is quite typically erratic. It may be 19 degrees in the morning and 58 degrees by 2 in the afternoon. It rains and is gloomy for 5 hours, then the sky is clear and beautiful.
If you’re not from around here it may be a shock to you how quickly and how often weather extremes change. It is hard for people to learn how to dress because you never know what the weather will be like two hours from now.

I pondered about that today, and thought: “Sometimes my spiritual life is often like the March weather in Tennessee.” Wildly inconsistent. Pardon me for being a bit transparent here, but am I the only one who struggles with this? One day you are filled with the Spirit – Kind and Merciful, then the next day you bite people heads off and walk around like Eeyore.

We needs to strive to be consistent, so that the world may know that it is All Because of Jesus We’re Alive!

– Brad

3 thoughts on “Duke vs. Carolina, Steve Fee, The Weather etc…

  1. Not only does valentine act like an idiot…. he is the worst official in college basketball. Im not saying the officiating was one sided but it was down right pathetic in the biggest game of the year.

  2. to the contrary.. Tennessee Memphis was the biggest game of the year! you Duke fans might have the biggest rival in basketball because you exist 8 miles apart and both have good programs. But the State of Tennessee beholds the best basketball in the country this year.

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