Is my preaching helpful?

If you’re like me – before the question is fully asked, you responded in your mind as YES, of course my preaching is helpful, after all “That’s what I do”.

Listen to the question very carefully, we actually read it very carefully: Is my preaching HELPFUL? Not, Is my preaching true? Or, Is my exposition accurate? Or, is my alliteration catchy? But, Is my preaching actually helpful to the listeners?

What can they use this week with the kids, or at the job, or on the links?

To be honest, a significant portion of the preaching that I have heard in my lifetime has been explanation of scripture. I used to take notes in a little black journal. After I had completely filled up one of the journals I got a new one, and decided to review the year plus sermon notes in my old one.

I found several of theses:
The Gospel

I. The Power
II. The Proclamation
III. The Proliferation

What did they mean?…I have NO idea. They were cute and made for nice outlines. I’m sure the content was true, but it certainly wasn’t helpful.

I am afraid if we surveyed 1st time guests at many of our Churches and asked them: How helpful was the message? – The results would sting.

Andy Stanley asks in his book Communicating for a Change: Is your goal to teach people the Bible, or see lives changed?

Just a thought to think on.

– Brad

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