Parent Sources

It has been a long time since I’ve posted a “Parent Sources” post. The gist of this post is to identify music, movies, and TV programs that are great for the fam!
David Crowder Band: Remedy.
Hit up your local music store or I-tunes for this album. Everything Glorious is simply a amazing song – and will help put life into perspective – it has been the best track for myself personally.

Dan In Real Life (Starring Steve Carell and Dane Cook)

DISCLAIMER: This movie is pg-13 and did have one muffled curse word. (a milder one if it matters) There were a few crude scenes and elements, BUT overall this was a funny, family (Older kids) movie. Great Husband and Wife flick. Carell is hilarious as usual. The moral tones are truly good throughout.
For more opinions and content check out my Christian movie reviews on the side panel.

– Brad

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