A Tribute – Part 2

As I often tell my students: “Your friends will determine the quality of your life”. Not original to me…HT: Andy Stanley

There truly is a correlation to those you hang with – and how life goes for you. Iron sharpens Iron, but paper dulls a blade. My life has been shaped significantly by my friendships through the years. Unfortunately, there simply is not enough room to write all the people who have shaped me into who I am.

I had friends who were there for me when I needed a hand.
I have friends who have lovingly told me where I was wrong.
I have had friends who made me laugh.
I have had friends taught me how to live courageously for God.
I have friends who have disappointed me, then made big comebacks.
I have friends who have fallen, and I am still waiting for their comeback.
I have friends who encourage me.
I have friends who have forgiven me.

I am Thankful for those whom I call friend. I’m not all I should be, but much I what I am – is because of good friends.

– Brad


How did these guys find themselves in a coffee shop so often together?

3 thoughts on “A Tribute – Part 2

  1. that’s one thing i find hard – friendships. As I’ve grown older – and especially after having kids – it’s tough to maintain those friendships. Good post!

  2. It is amazing how our friends shape our lives. Leah and I are blessed to have great fiends like you and Julie. Another blessing from God we are greatful for!

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