It’s been a while

I try to be a regular blogger, but haven’t been able to post for a while. I have tried to on several attempts, but just couldn’t figure out which keys to hit.

A little more than two weeks ago Julie, my wife for those of you who read from afar, had a miscarriage. It was the first time she had been pregnant…it just happened one weekend. It has been an emotional time – not one of total despair because despite the pain we know God is good. He sees and understands things that we cannot. That doesn’t however, make reflecting on the ordeal any easier though. So, here are a few thoughts after two weeks of trying to come up with something to post:

1. On June 18th – before the miscarriage – I wrote this in a post titled: 10 things I’m thinking: “I think Chris [Tomin] must have had a Moses-God type of moment when he wrote “Everlasting God” – that song is too amazing for a man to sit down and pen out.” The words to that song have meant more to me in the last two weeks, than I can express here. Strength will rise.
2. Men – We don’t feel the physical pain, or experience the hormonal turbulence, but I believe emotionally and spiritually we hurt equally.
3. There is nothing more painful than being incapable of helping your wife with her pain.
4. I was shocked to know that as many as 20% of all women experience a miscarriage.
5. During the first week following, you see little babies and fully pregnant women everywhere.
6. Experience doesn’t validate truth, it just makes it more believable.
7. When ‘stuff’ gets broken – it just doesn’t bother me as much.
8. There is nothing like good family.
9. The only things close are good friends.
10. My childhood Pastor, Garvin Walls called me. He is a true shepherd.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Brad,I hope you and Julie have felt the prayers of those of us who love you two so much. I have prayed for you two almost constantly since I heard the news of your loss.I also hope you know what an encouragement your blog is to everyone who reads it.Mindy

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