10 things i’m thinking…

10. I think it would be better to simply ignore Barry Bonds when he breaks Hank Aaron’s home run record than to boo and throw stuff on the field…I think it would be cool if the stadium just went silent and the press asked no questions.
9. I think the Baked Potato soup I’m currently eating at Panera is becoming too soupie…not enough potatoes etc.
8. I think I really misjudged the group of cheerleaders from one of our local high schools eating next to me…I can hear their conversations and they are relatively impressive – they were actually conversing on foreign policy…I don’t know if they knew it or not, but they were.
7. I think I am only giving Baseball two strikes. They Lost me in the mid 90’s with the strike, but I came back in the late 90’s…but this Steroid stuff has just ruined it for me…and if you know me, you know I loved baseball.
6. I think it would be next to impossible to go a Sunday without a Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman song being sung at church…not that that’s a bad thing, but those two have just written a lot of great songs.
5. I think Chris must have had a Moses-God type of moment when he wrote “Everlasting God” – that song is too amazing for a man to sit down and pen out.
4. I’m thinking it is way to hot in Florida.
3. I think football season seems too far away…I need it like caffeine!
2. I think if Reincarnation was the real deal I would like to come back as a Pirate.
1. I’m thinking since I’m done with lunch at Panera I should go back to work – I don’t want to be pegged as one of those people who buy a small cup of coffee and then use the free wifi for 6 hours straight!

– Brad

2 thoughts on “10 things i’m thinking…

  1. I was thinking you lost your love for baseball when Kegley coached you. I figured you would have gained that love back when the mighty bobcats went to the STATE Tourney last year! Beating teams who’s players were late getting to the season as they were having to finish their cheerleading committments to the basketball teams.

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