Thank You, Michael Smith.

Last month the country celebrated and acknowledged Martin Luther King Jr. – the champion of Civil rights in the 1960s. I can’t think of anything more shameful in our countries history, save maybe the total loss of sanctity regarding human life, than Racism. MLK made a difference in history like few people have – he caused generational change. I thank him for it.
This past Sunday two African American coaches, (I prefer to just view them as Americans who happen to be black) won their respective conference championships. Tony Dungy with the Colts and Lovie Smith with the Bears. Tony is and has been my favorite coach in all of sports. He is a man of God. He is a man of Integrity and well I could go on and one, but you get the point. I honestly have never thought of him as a BLACK coach until this week when the media has shoved it down my throat. Lovie and Tony are being asked more about being black than being champions. The acknowledgement of the historical importance of two black men coaching in the NFL is worthy and valid, but it is being discussed so much that it is has become nauseating. Nauseating enough for Dungy to point out to Sal Paolantonio that the victory was the Colts victory, not a black coach’s victory.
With these thoughts in mind I came across Michael Smith’s Article: It’s character, not color, that separates Smith, Dungy
Michael, a black writer for, expresses this point in words far superior to mine. Its worth the read.
Go Colts, and Go Dungy!

One thought on “Thank You, Michael Smith.

  1. I’ve truly gained another level of respect for Michael Smith after reading his column. I’m just glad someone has finally said it and with that said a Black American saying it. The guilt our country feels for our pasts is a vital thing. However if it is the dominant thought in all of our minds then we will fail to exceed or learn from such past in the future. Even today Rush Limbaugh is blasted by two guys I truly like.. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Why? Well they took comments he made on Fri. out of context. His listeners asking about the character of the NFL, he mentioned in regards to the Reggie Bush incident, the head butting of the Chargers player, the celebration of players. Rush said sometimes it looks like the “Bloods and the crypts” fighting. He is in fact right in some ascpects. Today Kornheiser and WIlbon all but called him a Racist. Why did they do it? Because of White Guilt. If they had not.. all other Americans who have our racist past as their dominant thought.. will hold it against them for not condemning his comments

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