2007 Here we come

Do New Years resolutions work for you? Well, they never have for me. I discovered the reason why in 2006: I simply put too many things on my list. If you have 5, 6 or even more tings on your 2007 New Years Resolution list, well you can forget it. At least I can forget it.

Simplicity and Focus are major keys to success when it comes to accomplishing goals. I walked by a ministry ‘mission statement’ the other day and laughed. Want to know why?? Because it was 4 paragraphs long!! No wonder the words written on our church walls never make it into the halls: We try to be so many things, do so many jobs, see so many people, go so many different places that we never Be, Do, See, or Go anywhere!

So 2007 here we come. (I say we because this is my theme for our Youth Ministry this year as well) One Resolution. One Goal. One Mission. Simple and Focused. What is it??


Why Fearless? Well Simple, “God has not given us the spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgment” (2 Tim 1:7)

Fear determines too many people’s destiny. We allow friends, family, Satan, circumstances, etc to create a life style of Fear. Well this year is about overcoming Fear, with the power, love, and sound judgement that comes from God.

Simple and Focused: Fearless


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