Don’t be a hater…

Rick Warren is one of the most beloved and most unloved Pastors in America. He is famous for the bestselling Purpose Driven Life, and pastoring the mega-mammoth Saddleback Church. Whenever a Christian leader rises to the top, he or she becomes the object of scrutiny, especially on blogs!
Regardless of how you feel about Rick Warren, (I’m not ashamed to say Warren has influenced me greatly from a distance) you can’t deny that He is impacting the world in marvelous ways.

So much so that Newsweek magazine has named him one of 15 people who make America great. Check it out HERE:


3 thoughts on “Don’t be a hater…

  1. You said that he is one of the most unloved. Why? I am not familiar with this guy. What sort of scrutiny has he come under?

  2. Many on the Religious HYPER-Right (Those who ahere to very narrow philisophical views of Christianity) feel he is to soft on this or that. Basically he uses very contemporary, non-orthodox methods of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Lets just say thier are no organs or suits in his congregation.

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