5 things you can do for Missionaries

It is difficult to lend a helping hand to someone who is 5,000 miles and 4 time zones away…but we can.

Here’s 5 simple ways to be an encouragement to Missionaries

1. Pick 1 or 2 missionaries and regularly write and encourage them. One of the great stress relievers of ministry is reading notes of encouragement from people who care.
2. Select 5-7 missionaries, get their prayer card and alternate praying for one missionary family every evening when you have dinner at home. This will also teach your kids to think about praying for others, especially missionaries.
3. Send a missionary a birthday gift.
4. Do something special for missionaries kids. Example: If a missionary family is visiting your church – give them a gift card to the local mall or toy store so they can buy something they really want.
5. Once in your lifetime go to the mission field and lend that helping hand to them personally. The average person lives for 3,900 weeks, take 1 and give it to missions.

What else could you think of??


One thought on “5 things you can do for Missionaries

  1. Each year, when we have missionary conference, offer your house if you have an extra bedroom, for them to stay each night during the conference(let our Pastor know ahead of time). Not only would it help the missionaries but you also get to have that one on one contact with them.

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