Julie and I @ drive. ’06

This week Julie and I have the priveledge of attending the drive conference @ North Point Community Church. It is a conference designed to equip church leaders. We came up early to attend church on Sunday with some close friends.

I have had many church experiences in my life. I’m a professional Christian if you will…I know the language, can spot different brands, the whole 9 yards. I’ve been to all kinds of churches, seen all kinds of styles. I have been impressed before – disappointed a number of times. BUT, I have never, ever, in my life seen or experienced what I am experiencing here in Alpharetta, Georgia. God, using Andy Stanley and many others has built and designed a church like no other I have ever seen. I have read many of Andy’s books…I’m on the NP or 7/22 website weekly almost – so I was familiar from a distance with what North Point was all about – but what can I say – Julie and I are blown away. I was ready to move, go to work at McDonalds, so I could come to church here. (Don’t worry Indian Rocks Trinity people, God reminded me that he can do the same thing, even wants to in Pasco County.)

It is almost worthless for me to try to put it into words what I feel, after all, I had read the words myself before this week. You just have to experience it…all of it. The music is amazing! Waumba land, Upstreet, Kidstuff – I would never want to leave church if I was 7 years old. Is there a better communicator right now than Stanley?? Leave a comment of who you might know that is better, please.

This week I will leave posts that will recap, chew around, and ponder the various sessions. Check back between now and Thursday for updates.

Tonight, I love Jesus more than I did yesterday. Tonight, I believe in God more than yesterday. I have personally needed this refreshment desperately.

God is Great, God is Good!


2 thoughts on “Julie and I @ drive. ’06

  1. First of all, let me tell you how refreshing it is to read your blogs. My husband and I visited IRNC when you and Julie were in GA, and we prayed for you. As far as your comment about any better speakers… Having never heard Andy Stanley in person, it is hard to judge who is better, but Rob Bell from Mars Hill in MI is an amazing speaker and preacher. One of the best I have ever heard… his sermons are free to download, if you are interested for comparison purposes or to enjoy for their spiritual kick! :)Thanks for sharing your heart… I enjoyed reading it!

  2. Thanks so much for the vist and I hope you come gain so we can meet in person.I have heard Rob Bell, and wow he can make Leviticus come alive! “Covered in the dust of the Rabbi” is the best sermon I have heard him give.As for Andy, you can watch or listen to his sermons @ http://www.northpoint.org – Give him a listen- you’ll enjoy and be helped as I have been.Brad

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