Rants and Frustrations

Everyone has weighed in on the recent “Gay Sex Scandal” that Ted Haggard has been ruined by.

My comments have less to do with Ted, and his fall, than the over all fall of the “moral right”. So much for it just being the “Catholics”. So much for the jokes about priests and dresses. No more pokes at celibacy. What is going on in our evangelical, Christian right world? Bob Gray, famous RIGHT WING hyper fundamentalist-everything is sin- is going to trial for charges of child molestation – 3 girls, 1 boy, 20 other accusations.

Now this. By the way, for all the more conservative evangelicals out there who are arguing, “Ted Haggard doesn’t represent us”– give it a rest! Who cares that his ex-church’s music doesn’t sound like yours, or that he hangs out with less theologically sound folk than you. He represents all of us to those on the “outside, looking in”. He has made a name for himself by championing family values with James Dobson. As far as the average guy sitting in his living room and watching CNN is concerned, he’s one of us.

Am I above what Haggard did? Committing immoral sin that ruins my reputation, family, church – No. Do I have any temptations that lead me to drugs and massages from gay escorts – no. That’s what I don’t really get. How does someone with such dark carnality produce such spiritual results. Then I am reminded – God used spiritual infidels throughout all of history to accomplish His purposes.

Is the “right” held to a higher standard than the “left”? Yes…Obviously. Is that unfair? NO! We are to expect more. I expect more ethics from the conservative right in politics! I demand more responsibility from Christian leaders – Christ call us to a higher standard, not our culture.

I do know this: God’s message is eternal and this scandal will not mess up God’s plan for redemption. However, our message isn’t being backed up by our actions. Evangelicalism is in need of a reformation as much as the Roman Catholic church was in the day of Martin Luther. We have an Integrity Crisis – we need change, and we need it now.

Praying for God’s Grace and Protection,


One thought on “Rants and Frustrations

  1. Great points Brad. It is sad that someone with such a high profile was exposed in sin, but that doesn’t mean that any other believer is above the same sin. We are all capable.Right now we should be surrounding Ted Haggard in support and love as a repentant believer just as we are taught in Scripture.

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